Salesforce Managed Services reduced operating costs by 22% for leading healthcare insurance provider


The client offers health care products and insurance services for all ages and lifestyles. This includes individuals, employers, and Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries. Their Salesforce is managed across various business groups, by a team varying in size between 20 to 50 independently; depending on the implementation complexity. This brings forth various challenges within the Salesforce implementation, such as:

  • Managing new release updates
  • Handling business process enhancements
  • Managing custom change requests and new feature impact

Business Challenges

With a sprawling global business presence, the client maintains selling systems designed for each of their existing operative market segments. The system processes multifarious and fine-grained information that undergo frequent enhancements with the availability of new data and information sources in the channel. This makes it crucial for the company to reduce the complexity of information and subsequently expedite channel operations and stay ahead of the competition and emerging players.

However, while optimizing the sales operations system, the client faced several challenges, such as:

  • Absence of an in-house team of nimble, experienced technologists
  • Inadequate delivery and maintenance of the selling system
  • Lack of collaboration with senior business analysts
  • High cost of sales operations

With Salesforce Managed services the client aspired to achieve the following:

  • Staffing levels delivered in line with demand
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Absence management
  • Increased staff retention
  • Reduced employment related liability
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Extensive Management Information
  • KPI driven service

Our past experiences of working with the client’s sponsors and aiding them in maintaining their legacy selling system played a crucial role in the client choosing us as their Salesforce managed services partner.

The CRMIT Solution

For over a decade, CRMIT was engaged as an onsite Managed Service Partner, managing the entire operations across 4 business groups. Our experienced consultants project managed all aspects of the process – conducting a full risk assessment, consulting on all aspects of the workforce, conducting workflow analysis, and liaising with the previous incumbent.

In our role as Master Vendor we managed the spend on all consumables, negotiating and liaising with suppliers. CRMIT also invested in new POCs and innovations, resulting in dramatically increased productivity with greater throughput and a significant reduction in overtime hours.

Managing the projects, freed up bandwidth for the client and helped them focus on critical in-house operations, and improved reliability and stability.

With the “shorter go-to-market” approach, CRMIT, worked with multi-skilled specialists and took a more hands-on, horses-for-courses approach to serving our clients. Since the beginning of the partnership more than ten years ago, this philosophy has worked perfectly for our client. It has helped them achieve service excellence through continued Salesforce managed support and project solutions. Our services scope also included

  • Salesforce sales services
  • System integrations
  • Managed support service for system incident and support management
  • Managed projects service for the annual program of work

Key Success

Reduced Operating Costs
Reduced Operating Costs by 22%

Within the first year, reduced overall operating costs

Reduced Staff Costs
Reduced Staff Costs by 14%

Improved and optimized workforce planning with a reduction of up to 100+ talent acquisitions.

Greater Visibility
Greater Visibility

Cloud-based technology allowed stakeholders to make better business decisions.


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Great experience working with CRMIT, bringing issues to notice at the right time, always.

Chief Architect & Head Technology Management Group

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Salesforce Managed Services reduced operating costs by 22% for leading healthcare insurance provider


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