Field Sales Acceleration for Relationship Manager

FieldSalesPro ensures effective sales meetings by enabling relationship managers with product 360 view, eligibility checker, apply forms digitally and customer on-boarding, It improves opportunities efficiency during the meeting for faster closure.

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Salient features of FieldSalesPro

FieldSalesPro for Financial Services ensures productive field meetings, superior customer engagements and 7X likely to convert field sales opportunities

  • Mobile product catalogs
  • Attractive presentation of current financial offerings
  • Customized financial offerings visualization arrow
  • Product categorization, prices & features arrow
  • Upsell and cross-sell other related services such as home loans, insurance and other services
  • Check the eligibility for a product
  • A vast eligibility details by taking inputs from the participants of the meeting
  • Validations on eligibility criteria such as Age, Work Profession, Work Experience, Monthly Income and Current EMI etc
  • Schedule online & on-field meetings from anywhere at anytime
  • Capturing rich contextual information in the process with ease
  • Synchronize your meetings with CRM integration
  • Enjoy more productive and collaborative on-field meetings, together
  • Visualize and mobilize your customer meeting effectiveness
  • Analyze pipeline opportunities to determine actions required to meet revenue goals
  • Performance sales representatives during the meeting
  • Measure productivity
What It Does?

Customer Onboarding Meeting

Explicit product detailing

Check instant eligibility

Reports & Dashboard

Why Should I Buy It?

Smarter and faster client decisions

Shorter customer on-boarding cycles

Mobilize advisor productivity

Measure Customer Face-time

How Is It Different?

Offer better Client engagement

Flexible for any Financial Industry products


We're native to Salesforce

Built on the Salesforce platform, FieldSalePro gives you a complete customer-centric view of your business.

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From an idea to an unforgettable and measurable customer experience

Europe’s leading manufacturer boosts
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America’s leading carpet manufacturer improves field Sales with Mobile


UK’s leading Biotechnology Company
improves field sales productivity with FieldSalesPro

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