Salesforce Commerce Cloud transforms B2B storefront experience for digital manufacturer

Salesforce Commerce Cloud transforms B2B storefront experience for digital manufacturer

A leading 3D printing technology company that wanted to complement the launch of its design engine software, with the availability of an e-Commerce storefront for customers to buy subscriptions of their software.


Challenge was to offer buyers a seamless self-service purchasing experience aside from optimizing their buying experience. The more involved needs of a personalized B2B buying experience included; account-based catalog, pricing & promotions, quoting & negotiation, contracts, etc. (across segments and geographies). The sales team required the time and insights on customers’ buying behavior through a connected knowledge base.

This also included the need for a connected portal that addressed the needs for a customer centric cross-function including

  • To implement using an agile approach and go to market rapidly with a Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP), which is extensible to address future needs
  • To deliver a seamless experience for customers across the buying and the onboarding journey
  • To ensure that all internal teams, at all times, have a single view of where the customer is in the journey


Salesforce Commerce Cloud delivers seamless omni-channel B2B commerce experiences across every touchpoint in the customer buying journey. It puts the customer at the core, informing every interaction with data across commerce, sales, marketing, service, and more, right from day one. With access to the Salesforce CRM platform and its core capabilities, Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides infinite flexibility to extend functionality, add products and channels, and conduct billions of dollars in transactions anywhere. It allows businesses to generate revenue, engage more customers, and scale for growth.

Implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud correctly was the single-most-important thing, to ensure long-term success with this. The proposed implementation involved basic configurations, useful out-of-box features, building a personalized experience through the website, storefront subscriptions, registrations, digital payments, and downloading the subscribed software. All this, in one disconnected flow.

CRMIT, with its prior knowledge of their Salesforce implementation – processes and data, and with the experience of having done this with other B2B organizations, globally, was the partner of choice.

For digital payments and for easier handling of localized taxation and regulatory compliances, CRMIT leveraged Salesforce’s AppExchange ecosystem to identify and integrate a “merchant record” into the storefront. The common underlying data model was mapped and tracked across commerce, sales, and marketing teams of the global digital manufacturer. The stage was set to deliver a robust and steady Salesforce B2B Commerce.


  • A tailored commerce experience across any digital channel, from mobile to web
  • Guided online ordering to streamline and simplify complex orders and secured checkout processes
  • Enhance & monitor the path-to-purchase experience and drop-off points, with high-value, dynamic content like videos and 3D images
  • Meet complex customer needs with enhanced support tools like account-based pricing, shared carts, and split shipments to improve conversion rates
  • Architecture designed for a single shared view of the customer journey, including new products, pricing, sales flows, and sites


Hi-tech Manufacturer




Industrial Manufacturing (Discrete)

Our project was executed on time, on budget, and according to our requirements. They were flexible with us as needed, and we were really impressed with their technical resources. I highly recommend CRMIT to any client wishing to implement B2B Commerce.

Chief Sr. Business Systems Manager

Redwood City, CA


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