CRM++ Mobile Supply Chain Management Tool (mSCM)

July 18, 2011

Supply Chain Management is the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. One of our customers, a global consumer goods manufacturer wanted to record these transactions and the details of the new customers and Products. They required a solution that could help their Field Sales Reps handle their products/ customers more effectively in the real time scenario, using the power of mobile devices, when they are connected / disconnected with the World Wide Web.

To satisfy this requirement, CRMIT built a solution called mSCM (Mobile Supply Chain Management) for Android Phones. This focused on a simple use-case, “traveling inventory”. Means, staff collect inventory of all the sellable goods, and move in a vehicle, they visit various vendors / shops and collect orders, supply goods, collect cash / cheque payment, deposit them in bank, accept returns and so on. All these transactions are recorded in their mobile devices. Later when they are back in office and connected to a network, they can sync all these details with their centralized CRM system.

CRM++ mSCM provides the unique benefit of recording various supply transactions in a mobile device, and its synchronization module makes sure that the managers always get the big picture statistics, sense problems early and take corrective actions. mSCM comes pre-integrated with Oracle CRM On Demand, and it can be integrated with other CRM Solutions easily.

After launching mSCM for our client, we felt it is an extremely useful application for anyone using a traveling inventory scenario. Hence, we decided to release it as a free application in Android Market.

Contact us at for any queries / issues / more details / customization needs.

MSCM Features:

This solution needs to be downloaded onto the mobile by the respective Field Sales Representatives. They can select their username / password / currency during the first login.

The solution offers four modes as below:


mSCM has these important objects and can be customized according to the client requirements:

  • Customers
  • Inventory/ products
  • Sales Orders
  • Payments
  • Returns
  • Bank Deposits
  • Reports
  • Export (for exporting to Oracle CRM On Demand Or XML)

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I think this kind of functionality is very useful. Firstly it help improving inventory accuracy then sales team won’t miss the opportunity to sell stock on hands. Secondly, it helps demand planner to see demand in real-time so they can manage demand planning process properly.

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