Enterprise Incubation Lab inaugurated to announce CRMIT’s co-innovation plans

The Enterprise Incubation Lab is a strategic programme that is focused on enhancing organizational capabilities by leveraging high-end engineering talent and best-in- class infrastructure. This co-innovation plan will conduct cutting edge research focused on new process, product, and application development to better meet customer and market needs.

Bangalore, IND (February 02, 2018) – CRMIT Solutions, a leading cloud-based customer experience solution partner today announced the inauguration of its state-of- art ‘Enterprise Incubation Lab’ at the Global Delivery Centre in Bangalore, India.


The Enterprise Incubation Lab (EIL) is a strategic programme is focused on enhancing organizational capabilities by leveraging high-end engineering talent and best-in- class infrastructure. CRMIT Solutions’ Founder and CEO Vinod Reddy was present during the inauguration along with Senior Principle – Transformation, K. Chandrasheker and a host of guest customers, partners and industry experts.

The program is designed and intended to extend to our existing and new customers, the benefits of innovation, identify opportunities for growth and create a vision to make it happen” explained K. Chandrasheker. The state-of- art innovation facility, the panel of subject matter experts, both fortified by a strong confidentiality and IP protection guideline that will demystify the traditional apprehensions business managers have had in the past.” added K. Chandrasheker.

The EIL strategy is built around four foundational pillars: Idea Generation, Customer Driven, Innovation Discipline, and Quick Time Decision Making. This approach of co-innovation will reportedly require diverse skill sets and multiple points of view as a formal, structured process with customers and partners.

 When we’re on journeys, we often encounter decisive moments, and how fast we get accurate and relevant information and the decisions we subsequently make can have a huge impact on the outcome.” explained a guest customer attending to the inauguration.

About CRMIT Solutions

CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer Salesforce Managed Services Provider focusing on digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360. Salesforce Managed Services involve the assessment of a customer’s environment to boost user adoption, allowing one to maximise the Salesforce Return on Investment. With over 200 certified CRM & business intelligence consultants and 1000+ successful deployments globally, CRMIT has successfully acquired customers across various domains, including manufacturing, healthcare, financial and human services.