Lead Scoring Model

Prioritize the prospects based on their Digital Body Language to identify the most qualified leads and opportunities.


Define your Lead Scoring Rules

Shorten your sales cycle & improve win rate

Implicit Criteria


Explicit Criteria

Our Industry Best Practices

Close more deals while talking to your promising leads


Define scoring strategy

Create a lead scoring strategy by gathering all the related customer information and align sales and marketing team to define the constitutes of qualified lead.


Design Model and Create Scores

Develop scores based on the demographic factors like designation, location, revenue etc and behavioral factors like website visits, downloads etc.


Test the scoring results

Examine and assign each record based on the new lead scoring criteria by taking random sample records from the customer data repository.

Take One Step Ahead

Leverage your lead scoring with predictive intelligence


Collect larger amount of data in real-time from all the touchpoints and silo systems to predict the lead quality based on historical trends

database (1)

Compare exiting and new customers profile data to arrive at ideal lead qualification model automatically


Automatically scores leads against the profile of qualified leads and identifies leads that are most likely to convert

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