Salesforce Managed Services – Why your organization needs this?

August 24, 2021
Salesforce Managed Services

If you are exploring Salesforce services with continuous improvements, flexibility, and access to qualified and on-demand talent, Managed Services for Salesforce is your best bet. Several organizations face issues related to a lack of resources, irregular reviews, and difficulties in adding enhancements, managing utilization, and updating the latest releases. To resolve the problems, Salesforce managed services come with a comprehensive set of activities that addresses the problems proactively.

Typical Challenges Faced by Salesforce Customers

Hiring Salesforce Talents 

Companies often don’t have the time or budget to build and maintain a complete in-house Salesforce team to enhance, optimize or maintain their environment. Salesforce demands a team of experts that includes an Architect, Developer, Tech Lead, PM, Analyst, and more. The expertise of these employees would only be required from time to time. So, having them on the payroll is not cost-effective in the long run. Also, as they leave the organization, they take the knowledge along with them. However, with managed services, Salesforce companies have their own dedicated Salesforce staff within arm’s reach at a fraction of the cost. This relieves the organization of the headaches of hiring, managing, and retaining resources as well as knowledge. 

Salesforce Skill Gaps

At least three-fourths of the companies around the world have revealed that it is a challenge to find suitable talent. Existing employees can be up-skilled in Salesforce, but they will have gaps in certain skills and specialties like data pattern recognition, visualizing data, understanding what the customer wants, and more that are required to advance specific goals. Hiring one or more full-time employees is not practical. It’s not enough to have a Salesforce administrator. To proactively bring learnings and industry best practices, it takes a broad base of experience that extends beyond Salesforce and a consulting perspective. Salesforce Managed Services offers a scalable, cost-effective way to maintain and maximize your ROI without having to depend on overworked staff.

Roadblocks in Achieving Goals

If your company already has a full-fledged Salesforce team, you could still run into unexpected roadblocks while executing new strategies or bespoke business projects. Having access to experts for guidance can be beneficial. With Salesforce managed services, you only pay for the services you use when you use them. So, you always have access to qualified experts when you run into unexpected hurdles.

Irregular Updates

Salesforce is the most powerful and popular CRM software. However, any software is effective only if it is sustained and updated frequently, and Salesforce is no exception in this regard. Salesforce managed services make sure that companies do not have significant concerns about security or performance updates. Each process is handled automatically, and any critical changes will be informed immediately. Salesforce managed services ensure that the system will remain updated with the latest releases immediately.

Configuration and Development Issues

Technical debts are a huge source of inefficiency in an organization. Paying for the storage of unnecessary code and unused features is a way to incur technical debt. Salesforce managed services protect tech investment by providing best practices to boost the efficiency of the operation. Not only does it address configuration and development-related issues, but it also suggests innovative ideas to maximize results.

How does Managed Services for Salesforce Benefit your Company?

Evolves with Your Business Needs

You remain focused on business objectives, and your Salesforce managed services provider will ensure that your Salesforce CRM is appropriately configured, customized, and managed to assist you in achieving them. It ensures that your Salesforce system runs smoothly by preventing critical performance and security issues. It ensures continuous improvement at pace with your changing business needs and processes.

No Disruption on Ongoing Activities

Modifications and enhancements to your Salesforce CRM under the ambit of managed services have no impact on existing user activity or business operations, as the team is well aware of the environment and issues.

Minimal Management Intervention

With low or no engagement from your management, efficiently process your business needs and turn them into specific technical requirements. Salesforce managed services take advantage of project management expertise to implement essential system modifications quickly, reducing your supervision and management responsibilities.


Customize your Salesforce solution via point-and-click tools (configuration) or code (Apex code, Visualforce, Lightning Components, and so on) to enable custom workflows, report/dashboards, and email templates and to make the solution appear and work the way your business processes demand.

Continuous Support and Innovation

Salesforce managed services provide ongoing management of your Salesforce solution. It performs user administration, data administration, etc., to skip routine administration processes. Maintain your Salesforce CRM stability and health by monitoring your solution’s condition and taking preventive measures against any probable issue. In addition, managed services help in identifying continuous improvement opportunities that can be implemented rapidly in order to fast-track business innovation.

Security Checks

To ensure flawless Salesforce performance, managed Salesforce services to find and resolve code faults, fix performance issues, and tweak misconfigured features and add-ons. It undertakes security checks on a monthly basis. It performs security tests to identify and address risks to your Salesforce solution. It can also handle day-to-day user difficulties and provide system configurations on demand to help users work more efficiently with Salesforce CRM.

Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement

Salesforce Managed services are designed to make proactive changes to your Salesforce ecosystem before it starts to fall behind your business requirements. It accomplishes this by analyzing the present state of automated processes and features and tailoring them to your future business improvements.

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