Sales Performance Management & FieldSalesPro: Maximizing Sales Team Performance

October 29, 2015

Companies around the world are focused on maximizing sales team performance and execution, yet most struggle to achieve the outcomes necessary to face today’s business challenges.

Oracle Sales Performance Management (SPM) helps to create more performant sales organizations with balanced territory planning, informed quota allocations and better incentive management.

With SPM, Sales organizations also need right tools and strategies that help optimize the selling process and allow sales reps spend more time selling.

According to CSO Insights, most of the times sales reps miss their targets because they spend less time selling (only 41%) and more time on customer research, creating collateral and entering data into their CRMs manually.

FieldSalesPro is a sales productivity tool which allows sales reps spend more time doing what they really want to do: close deals.

Role Play: Account Manager

Kevin is an Account Manager at Interface which is the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tile.

He is on a planned sales visit to meet ‘Jeff’ who is a purchasing consultant (better role?) at Starwood Group of hotels.

Before the meeting, Kevin uses FieldSalesPro to plan customer journey.

Product Portfolio:

Kevin initiates FieldSalesPro and navigates to products section to review the products portfolio built by marketing for hospitality sector. He reviews featured products for this sector, their design, sizes, colors, and Galleries with installation photos and hospitality customer references.

Kevin favorites a few products for his meeting.

Customer Intelligence:

Kevin navigates to the Customers section on FieldSalesPro and verifies if Starwood Group is already available. Finding that the Account is not yet added to FieldSalesPro, he searches and synchronizes Account and contacts information from CRM.

Kevin uses the “CRM Intelligence” and “Social Hub” features on FieldSalesPro to understand

CRM Intelligence – Latest Customer and Contact profile updates (fed by DaaS into CRM), Previous Opportunities, Current Opportunities, Active Contacts, Last Interaction, Planned Activities, etc.

Social Hub – latest social media activity of customer organization and contacts.


Kevin navigates to the “Documents” section on FieldSalesPro for a sample sales script for the hospitality sector and reviews other collateral useful for his meeting.


Kevin navigates to the Meetings section on FieldSalesPro and starts putting together meeting details like the subject, date, time, Customer, Attendees, products to promote, script to use, and other useful collateral for the meeting.

<<Ahmed: Does this sound too manual?>>

Role Play: Sales Manager & Account Manager

Jay is a sales manager at Interface, and Kevin reports to him.

Kevin and Jay are having a Sales performance review meeting for their region. They use Oracle Sales Cloud SPM to review their Territory, Sales Quota, Closed revenue, Current Forecast, and Pipeline.

Kevin and Jay believe winning a deal with Starwood Group of hotels is critical for achieving their remaining Quota.

On Oracle Sales Cloud, Jay reviews the featured hospitality products and their lead time to sell.

Jay reviews the meeting details with Starwood Group of hotels and proposes a couple of changes to the list of products to promote and changes to the sales script. Jay adds himself to the list of attendees for this meeting.

Role Play: Account Manager

Kevin makes the changes proposed by Jay and uses FieldSalesPro to send the meeting invite to meeting attendees.

On the day of the meeting, before seeing Jeff, both Kevin and Jay reviewed the planned customer journey. They are confident that they have all ingredients to close this deal.

Kevin & Jay meet Jeff; Jeff requests one of his team members ‘Catie’ to join the meeting.

Kevin adds Catie to the meeting and quickly reviews her social hub activity.

Kevin starts the meeting on FieldSalesPro.

Kevin shows the featured products for this sector, their design, sizes, colors, and Gallery with installation photos and hospitality customer references.

Jeff and Catie favorite a few styles for each installation and ask for a quick price.

Kevin uses the Quick price lookup feature on FieldSalesPro and shares the price points for selected styles.

Jeff and Catie requested samples and a Quote.

Kevin initiates the following CRM processes from FieldSalesPro

  1. He creates an opportunity for this deal
  2. He initiates sample requests for selected styles
  3. He initiates a quote request

Kevin and Jay thanked Jeff and Catie for the opportunity and concluded the meeting.

FSP generates a meeting summary with key meeting information, attendees, products reviewed, products selected, and actions taken and send an email to all attendees with a meeting summary attached. FSP creates an activity in CRM and stores the meeting summary.

Confident about winning this deal, Kevin adds the Starwood Group of Hotels opportunity to his forecast.


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