Salesforce Field Service Transforms Service Capabilities for a Global Manufacturing Company


The client is a Fortune 100 company and a leader in innovative technologies addressing some of the biggest business challenges. They operate in the fields of airspace, safety, healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing and markets various products worldwide.

They were determined to improve their field service operations capabilities and evolve their service offerings in response to the changing market conditions and digital transformation demands.


The client faced challenges in primarily 3 areas:
  • Service Contracts Management – Managing service contracts, especially service contract cancellations was one of the most pressing areas for the client to gain efficiency and result from their partners
  • Case Management – Service leaders had to manually go through all existing work orders and service appointments on the service contract
  • Work and Resource Optimization – Poor data quality and lack of real-time insight and knowledge base on their field service app led to poor planning & decision making


CRMIT built a custom Salesforce field service Lightning solution along with service cloud and community cloud to align with the customer’s global design model and overcome the work order management challenges.

  • The quality assurance team created test scenarios, test cases & an automation testing suite
  • In the execution phase, the team prepared test data in the test environment, executed test cases, reported defects, and documented them
  • An automated process is now created to push the service contract status down to associate work order maintenance plan
  • Field service dispatchers received the ability to cancel all existing preventive maintenance work for the blocked service contracts/accounts and control over the new work order
  • When a work order is created for the work type, the product required can now be populated with the pre-defined list and is made visible on the web & mobile devices
  • Real-time lunch break prompts were configured on field service technician’s mobile devices during daily timesheet submission (A confirmation that they have been provided the opportunity to take lunch breaks as per legal requirements)
  • During work wrap upon an existing service appointment, a service resource can now request for a follow up on the same work order so that a subsequent visit can be scheduled


  • The application enabled the client, partners & employees to make an informed decision in an integrated way
  • Service leaders can now prevent new work order creation in canceled service contracts
  • Service managers can track the roll-up summary of the time consumed across all completed work orders on the service contract
  • Field technicians were able to access any product parts required to perform their job


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