User Experience Of Oracle Fusion CRM

March 19, 2012

One of the major attractions (and useful features) of Oracle Fusion CRM is its User Experience. The entire user pages are split into multiple areas, such as:

  • Global Area (Common Tools and Services)
  • Regional Area (Specific Tools)
  • Local Area (Transactions, Information, Actions)
  • Contextual Area (Additional Information on what we are doing)

For example, let us say you are on the Opportunities page and drilling down into a particular opportunity you are working on. As expected, These details are displayed in Local Area. But look at what happens around this area.

Observe that Regional Area displays tasks linked to opportunities that can be triggered in one click. You don’t have to leave the opportunity focus area to perform a task and this is possible via the unique user experience of Oracle Fusion Apps.

A related feature is a Navigation. There is a dedicated Navigation option available on the Global Area (Similar to Menus in any desktop application), and on click of which, you can look at all commonly accessed pages again with a single click.

Oracle Fusion CRM is not only fast but also smart!

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