Oracle CRM On Demand For Travel Industry : Part 1

March 28, 2012

Today’s increasingly competitive travel industry caters to different types of tourism needs, but actually, identifying, developing and retaining high value customers has become increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs. Refining customer needs and building customized value proposals is not the only strategic move for businesses to survive this competition, but you also need something very reliable to depend on.

Since tourism has become a major source of revenue for many regions, there is a clear need for a solution that can facilitate managing information on customer requirements, economics and contextual data for delivering the right kind of offer to the right person. And this should be possible, bearing in mind the budget factor.

In this article, we will discuss how Oracle CRM On Demand (CRMOD) can help Travel Industry through various facets.

CRM On-Demand is a one-stop solution that offers plethora of features for managing customer information in a methodical manner. Think of a scenario where complexity of your business structure and growing marketing demands start creating issues for you and you lose a lot of data that ultimately leads to ambiguity. CRM On-Demand provides a single platform to record all customer interactions with agents, ranging from flight schedule inquiries to ticket reservations, cancellations, changes and customer feedback.

CRM On-Demand’s biggest return on investment is the ability to integrate the best practices in process management which in turn will help the business to track activities for resolving customer inquiries, improving customer relationships through maintenance of accurate customer information, agent efficiency and many other activities.

Usually, information flows in from diverse channels like websites, e-mails, faxes and is lost amid the huge amount of data that is typical of almost all companies. Also, to make matters worse this data is not stored at a central repository. Not only does this complicate the business processes, it also impacts the end user satisfaction.

In this complex scenario, CRM On-Demand facilitates with a centralized repository which provides a uniform and robust platform. This platform supports customers and effectively manages issues, concerns and clarifications logged by them. And the best part is that CRM On-Demand solution can be customized to suit specific organizational requirements.

(To Be Continued in Part 2)

Charu Mehta, Sai Ratnakar & Sushma Reddy 

CRM Consultants, CRMIT

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