New Customer for CRM++ Reports Scheduler application

April 4, 2012

We are happy to share the good news that CRMIT will be implementing our CRM++ Reports Scheduler application for a leading Insurance services provider in South Africa. The application will be implemented in all their sites across the country.

CRMIT’s CRM++ Reports Scheduler is an useful background application for Oracle CRM On Demand implementations. It is an effective Web 2.0 application that takes your CRM On Demand report / dashboard experience to the next level. This custom application helps CRM users to automatically schedule their reports. Based on the frequencies set by the users, the reports or dashboards are automatically run at the right time, and sent as email attachments (in various formats) to their respective inboxes. This not only avoids the need for users to connect to CRM every once in a while, just for the sake of running a report or two, but also acts as an automatic online archive / backup of snapshot reports over a period of time.

As an added advantage, CRM users can also send these reports to external people (non-CRM users). This makes it easier to share relevant business data with other stakeholders, even when they are not part of your CRM system.

For more information on the Reports Scheduler application, and to watch a demonstration video please click here. If you need further details or would like to request for a free demo / trial login, write to us at

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