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October 1, 2014
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A digital native is a person born during or after the general introduction of digital technologies, says Wikipedia. They interact with digital technology from a very young age, and hence their comfort level with using them is very high. They grew up with technology and are quite comfortable making the required adjustments to master them. In fact, many times, they don’t have to make any adjustments at all.

Today, products are designed for digital natives. When you look at a book with a QR code in it and you start wondering what to do with it, that means you are not the target audience. That QR code is for digital natives who instinctively click that picture to get additional information online. It is natural to them.

While products and services are changing themselves to sell to digital natives, who are one of the major spenders in the consumer market today, what about business processes? Especially marketing!

Earlier, when a new product was launched, all you needed to do was create a fantastic website and put the required details there, including a link to order it. People spent time reading them, they believed some percentage of it (depending on your brand image), and they made a purchase decision based on that.

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But today, not many read the “Official” website. Not even 5% of the intended audience. Even those who read the website just scan through the pages looking at some images (guess why Infographics became super popular so fast!), and they definitely don’t want to submit any forms. In principle, they think every piece of information on the official website shouldn’t be believed.

So, what else drives them? That’s the puzzle modern marketers are trying to solve today.

Do these digital natives prefer doing their own research outside official channels? How do they know which one is genuine feedback and which one is noise? What makes them believe a review? Whom would they listen to? What is the best way to push the message in those channels without sounding too obvious?

CX insights for better service quality

It is very difficult to predict the way digital natives behave, mainly because there is not enough time to research and understand their minds. So, a modern marketing solution should be able to model itself as per the highly dynamic market and provide tools for the marketer to reach out to digital channels in a way that makes sense to digital natives. It should be a flexible solution where multiple channels are collated in one place so that it is easy to analyze and observe patterns and get useful insights for designing digital campaigns.

Oracle Marketing Cloud provides personalized customer experiences and an understanding of the behaviors of digital natives and others which drives clicks. Content is optimized for all modern channels, and it is presented in a fully configurable manner so that the company can design and execute a campaign as per their needs, while constantly making changes to understand and target digital natives, as well as regular users.

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