Salesforce Einstein GPT The Future of Sales

September 1, 2023

Salesforce coming together with AI-powered GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), was an inevitable union. Salesforce GPT is helping organizations across industries enhance customer engagement, streamline processes, and make data-driven decisions. Salesforce GPT can produce contextual text responses to any trigger as it has already been pre-trained on massive amounts of text data. It also comes with multilingual support allowing marketing and sales teams to interact with customers in any language.

Sentiment Analysis

One feature that’s been making waves is AI-driven sentiment analysis which allows enterprises to gauge the emotional tone of the interactions across multiple channels and spot gaps that are impacting the quality of customer experience. Sales can trend a lead or opportunity up or down the funnel depending on the sentiment of the prospect. Salesforce says that 79% of buyers feel it’s important that they interact with a salesperson that is seen as a trusted advisor. Service reps can use sentiment analysis to empathize with how a customer feels and proactively help unhappy customers or extend promotional offers to satisfied ones. That’s why many contact centre solutions have incorporated AI-powered sentiment analysis capabilities that identify keywords, phrases, or even tone of voice to rate overall customer satisfaction. This is beneficial for personalizing customer experiences and anticipating, maybe even preventing, potentially difficult conversations.

Personalized Customer Service

Salesforce GPT can transform customer support and service by integrating AI-powered chatbots into their CRM systems. These intelligent chatbots can understand and respond to customer inquiries in a natural and human-like manner, reducing response times and delighting customers with the precision and speed of response. Nevertheless, this depends on the AI being trained with high quality information, because it cannot pull data out of nowhere. Another risk businesses much watch out for is that if the data is biased or discriminates against certain groups, the AI can perpetuate those same biases and discriminations in its generated output. 
A key trait that makes ChatGPT stand out from older chatbots is its ability to retain the context of each question in a conversation, and then apply that context to the conversation thus creating a more cohesive flow. Imagine the impact on customers who are frustrated with waiting endlessly for service reps or deal with mechanical chatbots!

Hyper-targeted Marketing Campaigns

By understanding individual preferences, behavior, and purchase history, GPT can generate tailored content, product recommendations, personalized marketing campaigns, and bespoke offers for each customer. A high level of personalization helps businesses deliver targeted marketing messages, leading to higher customer interest, higher conversion rates, and improved ROI on marketing spend. However, it’s important that brands have the explicit permission of a customer to use their personal data and target them with tailored messages. They can incentivize their customers to opt into these journeys and have a unique identifier.

Intelligent Sales Insights

Sales reps want to move fast to meet their quota. But this often means having to leave Salesforce to send customer communication or do prospecting research. They would also have to spend a lot of time finding information stored in various parts of the CRM. But with Salesforce GPT offering features like Sales Assistant, Sales Emails, and Call Summaries, they may no longer need to do this.  

By analyzing historical sales data, customer interactions, and market trends, GPT-powered analytics can provide sales teams with valuable information about lead scoring, sales forecasting, and performance optimization. These data-driven insights allow sales reps to make more informed decisions and strategize effectively, resulting in better conversion rates and revenue growth. Reps can auto-generate personalized emails with context, either from inside Sales Cloud or through third-party email clients, with just a single click. This reduces a time-consuming, yet critical step in the sales process, freeing up time to focus on higher-order tasks.

Streamlined Data Entry and Management

Data entry and management can be error prone and tedious. Sales reps are loathe to spend time inputting accurate, if any, data into a CRM system. Salesforce GPT helps businesses streamline these processes by automating data entry tasks using NLP capabilities. Sales reps can simply dictate or type information in a conversational manner, and GPT-powered algorithms can accurately capture and organize the data within the CRM system, saving time and reducing manual efforts.

High-quality Lead Generation

Salesforce GPT uses AI to analyze customer behavior, browsing history, and social media interactions. By identifying potential prospects with specific interests and preferences, GPT-powered lead generation helps businesses target the right audience with a compelling message, resulting in higher lead conversion rates and a more efficient sales pipeline. They can also better segment their teams and leverage sales rep skills.  Sales managers can put their best ‘closers’ onto hot leads and speed up the deal closure process. Reps can identify low scoring leads and convert low scoring leads into deals instead of ignoring them.

Unlock New Levels of Efficiency

By their own admission, Salesforce says that Einstein GPT is a step up from the revolutionary Einstein AI due to its ability to combine proprietary Einstein AI models with ChatGPT, and trigger powerful, time-saving automations that can help streamline workflows and improve productivity. We can expect that Salesforce GPT’s new generative AI features can empower businesses with the productivity and efficiency benefits of AI while keeping enterprise-grade trust and data security at the core. 

Be it AI-generated personalized customer emails, leveraging contextual customer data to support engaging and relevant outreach, or using insights to close deals faster, Salesforce GPT will be a game changer. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, incorporating Salesforce GPT into your CRM ecosystem can unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction, propelling your business towards a brighter future.

Damien Scales
Managing Director – APAC
Damien has been a part of the technology industry for over 20 years, leading innovation and transformation engagements for some of Australia and the region’s largest and most complex businesses. His expertise includes growth strategy and execution, program management and governance, business consulting, and leadership.

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