Aligning Sales and Marketing with Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Sales Cloud

October 1, 2014

Marketing budget leads generated, deals closed sales credits. These are the terms normally heard when we talk about Marketing & Sales teams and their contribution toward revenue generation. It’s very important to break down sales & marketing silos for a revenue-generating business and co-existence.

At times we see marketing complaining about low lead conversion ratio, lead buckets getting piles up without any sales follow-up, missing key prospects, etc. In return, Sales could complain about the quality of leads being provided by Marketing, the dilemma of which leads to follow-up, incomplete information of their prospects. Identifying the credit for deal closures

Few areas to help break silos and align Sales & Marketing:

  1. Establish common terminologies – What Marketing understands a lead could be completely different than what Sales understand; who are leads? Who are the contacts? The definition of a qualified lead.
  2. Define overlapping business process – It’s important to overlap the existing business process of marketing with the process of sales, which would help them collaborate, co-exist and endorse each other.

A well-defined process of conducting marketing campaigns, targeting the right suspects/prospects, and running the right lead scoring from the Marketing side could overlap with Lead assignment & qualification from Sales teams.

Regular follow-up from sales, conducting/proceeding through their Sales Cycle & possibility marking (flagging) marketing team for any ongoing Nurture campaigns or sales campaign ( if required ) by Sales to push extra steps towards sales closure.

  1. Review & Perform Close Looped Reporting – This helps in identifying the key contributors for revenue generation. Identifying the marketing campaigns run across the financial year and their contribution to conversion in conjunction with Sales team contributions of regular follow-up, going through their sales cycle, etc.

For Marketing, the ROI could be on different parameters:

  1. Number of leads generated from campaigns, irrespective of sales conversion
  2. Amount of traffic generated to the company website
  3. Brand awareness
  4. Email clicks open etc
  5. The actual revenues generated in terms of deal closures

Review and results of closed-loop reporting would help understand the Marketing & Sales touch point for deals from Suspect/Prospects to Customers

Oracle CX application on integrated Marketing & Sales Cloud helps the flow of information b/w Marketing and Sales with quality MQL to SAL and break silo.

About CRMIT Solutions:

CRMIT Solutions is a leader in transforming businesses with cloud-based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on sales, service, marketing & social cloud.

CRMIT Solutions has achieved OPN Specialized status for Oracle Sales Cloud Oracle Recognizes CRMIT Solutions for Expertise in Implementing Oracle Sales Cloud. CRMIT Solutions Offers A Host of Solutions on Oracle Sales Cloud, Including Consulting, Sales Planning, Social Sales, Customer Data Enrichment, Field Sales Automation, User Adoption, Training, Health Checks, and Testing.

CRMIT Solutions also extends Marketing Cloud Automation solutions with Oracle Eloqua. “ has been a critical component for our customers, and Oracle Eloqua is an ideal fit for modern marketers to power revenue performance,” said Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO, CRMIT Solutions. “They can transform the way you market in the digital age while delivering an integrated and highly personalized customer experience,” added Vinod.

CRMIT Solutions is committed to providing customers with the best service in the industry. Everything we do – every order, every delivery, every service, every offering – centers on the satisfaction of our customers and making them more efficient at what they do.

Inputs from

K Pankaj
Business Consultant – Industry CRM & CX Solutions.

Writing for CRMIT Solutions

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